Elon University

Projects for the iMedia program 2015-2016 in various new media fields such as interactive media writing, visual design, SEO and more.

Allied Churches of Alamance County (ACAC)
Allied Churches of Alamance County is a charity organization that helps people in need. They provide basic shelter and food to those in need in Alamance County in North Carolina. This project’s main focus was creating a social media plan and optimizing the Allied Churches website for search engines. During the spring months, our team worked with Allied Churches to better get the organization’s message across to its audience and increase the amount of community support the receive.

M.A. Thesis: Scribblers Hub

My graduation capstone project was to create an online community for writers. Scribblers’ Hub is a website that provides inspirational and motivational content in the form of writing tips and advice from famous writers, relating to what every creative person goes through in the process of writing any sort of material.

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Audio Slideshow: Culture and Religious Dialogue

My interview with Dr. Janet F. Fuller, chaplain for Elon University and director of the Truitt Center for Religious & Spiritual Life at Elon.



White Paper: Using the Internet for a Better State of Mind

A previous research paper I worked on titled Consumption of Social Media and Anxiety Among Teens and Young Adults reviewed literature that studied young adults’ usage of social media, instant messaging apps and other online networks, and discussed the effects of the internet and social media on anxious and lonely people. The paper revealed that the Internet can sometimes help users feel less worried and more connected, but it also revealed some of the downsides of being always connected and constantly in the know.

Manuscript: Is Extended Consumption of Social Media Linked to Anxiety Among Teens and Young Adults?

Interacting on social media has changed how people communicate and form relationships, consequently altering the social structure of the new generation. This literature review seeks to clarify the possibility of a relationship, whether a correlation or a causation, between social media usage and anxiety. What motivates young users to interact online, as well as the effects researchers observed on their samples showed that the main reason people use this method of communication is to connect and feel included, even though they are often exposed to more worry and anxiety. However, almost all studies found that the increase of either anxiety or happiness level was tied to personal attributes. Thus, social media as a platform has no tangible effect on individuals by itself but can help predict certain psychological patterns.




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