M.A. Thesis


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My graduation capstone project is to create an online community for writers. Scribblers’ Hub is a website that provides inspirational and motivational content in the form of writing tips and advice from famous writers, relating to what every creative person goes through in the process of writing any sort of material.

The website also provides a community and forum where writers can share their work and get feedback, as well as a writing tool for users to submit pieces of work write on the site, to be reviewed and published by the administrator before going live on the site in the Scribblers’ Words section.

In addition to creating the website, tweaking the technical structure and visual design, and creating content, my project includes the following:

  • Creating a white paper outlining an existing problem and how Scribblers’ Hub would help.
  • Creating audience profiles, brand persona and brand voice strategies.
  • Creating a content strategy.
  • Developing and online advertising and marketing plan.
  • Sending weekly newsletters via MailChimp.
  • Creating and posting content on Scribblers’ Hub social media channels and increasing engagement.
  • Tracking site performance through Google Analytics.

To see more details about each aspect that went into planning this project, visit this page.

What is Scribblers Hub? from Salma Tantawi on Vimeo.